Modern Machiya

人数:1-4名/ 4-8名用

面積:75 m2/ 130 m2


Location: Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku, Omiya Shijo

The Modern Machiya was recently restored by a local carpenter, for a modern vintage collector. It is a big townhouse (machiya 町家) located near Mibu-dera temple, between Shijō Omiya and Tanbaguchi JR stations. It is close to the city center, and yet in a residential neighborhood. The owner wanted to create a modern Japanese atmosphere, which would also be warm and playful.

The Modern Machiya is built on 2 separate floors with the possibility of separate entrances, it is ideal for one or two families or a group of friends. On each floor there are 2 bedrooms, one living room, private WC, bathroom and kitchen. The house can fit up to 10 people on futons and low beds.

The district, Mibu 壬生, has a deep local history. Until the end of the 19th century it was a village south west of Kyoto. The local temple, Mibu-dera, is famous as the place that once served as the headquarters to the illustrious/infamous Shinsengumi, a special police force -- formed of master-less samurai (rōnin) -- organized by the shogunate to protect their interests in Kyoto during a time of political turmoil between forces supporting the military government and those who wished to return to imperial rule. Mibu-dera, is still hosting performances of kyōgen theater several time a year. Bordered by Shijō street on the North, Gojō street and Tanbaguchi market on the South side, the district of Mibu used to be an industrial and craftsmen neighborhood until the 1970s. The nostalgia of this glorious time can still be felt around.

The Modern Machiya was built just after WWII, and was restored in order to reveal its inner modernity, and its authenticity. We left untouched some earthen floors, restored typical windows, brushed the wooden pillars and beams. You will also appreciate the comfort of modern amenities, its generous space, a large bathroom connected to a Japanese garden, and the owner passion for retro art and well-cared details.

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Welcome to the Modern Machiya.

View from the entrance hall (genkan 玄関) towards the living room.

View towards the kitchen, rooms and bathrooms.

View of the first bedroom.

View of the second bedroom.

Desk aside the garden view.

In one of the bedroom, a portion of the original walls, showing the inner earthen wall (tsuchi kabe 土壁) with its bamboo lattice (komai-dake 細竹).

The modern bathroom, on the ground floor, and its view on the Japanese garden.

On the second floor, the two bedrooms are separate with a corridor, which leads to the kitchen and bathrooms area.

The kitchen area, on the second floor has a high ceiling, up to the roof structure.

The second floor is equipped with a shower room.

One of the two bedrooms on the second floor.

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